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Introduction of Aerial Work Platform

* Shipbuilding Business in Korea: The No. 1 ranked in the World

* Needed from much more complex Industry Sites.
* Needed more beautiful & delicate Construction Sites.
* KIL has been a business partner for UpRight as exclusive agent in Korea,
  on July 2007, for the best services to above introduced sites.
Instruction of UpRight
* UpRight is the world's leading manufacturers of powered access platforms
  and has been an innovator for more than 35 years.

* UpRight range includes self-propelled scissor lifts, mast lifts, boom lifts
  and portable personnel lifts, plus truck and trailer-mounted lifts.

* Our global network of more than 150 distributor and partners.
* More recently in July 2007, The Tanfield Group, a UK company listed on the London Stock   Exchange, purchased Snorkel International in its entirety.
* The combination of Snorkel's volume production capability in the USA and Australia, plus   UpRight's existing facilities in the UK and USA, will create a business with a global   manufacturing footprint.
Instruction of SNORKEL
* Unique Design of TURN TABLE : Applied for a Patent

* The No.1 - Technique : Protection of Sand Blasting

* The BOOM: The World best Class of Quality
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