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Introduction of Tire Business
  * Sole Distribution Rights of Bridgestone, Corporation in 1983
  * Started to sell the Industrial and Special purpose tires of Bridgestone, Corporation in Korea,
  since 1988
  * Currently providing BS tires to Cement Mine, Colliery, Steel Mill Shop
  (Domestic & Overseas) etc.
  * No.1 MS (Market Share) in the field of Tires for Heavy Equipment in Korea since 1996
  Introduction of Bridge Stone Corporation
  * Founded in 1931 by Mr. Shojiro Ishibashi
  * Acquired Firestone Co., No.2 firm of Tire manufacturer of USA in 1988
  * In case of Giant Size (RIM over 51 inch) is holding 60% of market share in world wide
  * In case of OTR Tires (RIM from 15 to 63 inch) is holding 40% of market share in world wide.

Contact Info

  Contact Person  P. S. Wang / Team Manager
  E-mail  pswang@korea-intl.com
  Contact Person  J. K. Bae / Manager
  E-mail  jkbae@korea-intl.com