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Introduction of Transporters
* The end of 1980, KIL had supplied the Module Trailer to Logistics companies in Korea.
* KIL had supplied hundreds axles to high end customers in Korea.
* Logistics, Shipbuilding Yards, and Local transportation companies were supplied so far
Introduction of GOLDHOFER

* Production Capacity, Name Value, Market Share Rate: No. 1 in the World.

* USA, Canada and China, Goldhofer sold over 80% of total supplied module trailers.

* Goldhofer can guarantee the Platform to 5 YEARS.

Goldhofer's History
2008 Development of a new self-propelled series with a vehicle width of 2,430 mm
2004 Production of the first electronically-steered modules with a design height of 920 mm only
2003 Introduction of air-operated disc brakes with heavy duty modules
2002 Delivery of the first self-propelled modules with pivot bearings (PST/ST)
2001 Production of a 400 t high girder bridge
1993 Development of self-propelled heavy duty modules with electronic multiway steering
1989 Introduction of the first modular transporter with hydrostatic drive
1970 Goldhofer develops the first modular heavy duty vehicles